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  • Digital processing of invoices

    Geplaatst: 22 september, 2014

    Under the leadership of DFEZ, the pilot of the Project “Procure to Pay” (P2P) starts on September 23, 2014 at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. With P2P, the entire process of ordering goods and services – including invoicing and payment – takes place in digital form. Lees meer

  • To all personnel: CANS instruction

    Geplaatst: 15 september, 2014

    Nowadays, the use of computers is widespread and a lot of employees and students at the TU/e are working on their computers on a daily basis. This is precisely where the use of computers also involves a risk: you may develop CANS symptoms as a result of excessive or incorrect use.   Therefore, the Occupational Safety and Health Group of the TU/e (Arbo Milieu Veiligheid en Straling AMVS) and the local occupational safety and health advisors organize meetings for staff members and students...Lees meer


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