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  • Remco van der Hofstad and Johan van Leeuwaarden received a NWO TOP I grant

    Published on: November 24 2014

    In the just completed 2014 TOP I competition of the Division of Exact Sciences of NWO (the Dutch Science Foundation), a grant was given to Remco van der Hofstad (main applicant) and Johan van Leeuwaarden (co-applicant) for their project "Information diffusion on random graphs". The grant covers the salary of two PhD students.  Read more

  • New TU/e Campus addresses

    Published on: November 24 2014

    The visiting address Den Dolech 2 will lapse as of January 15, 2015. The reasons for this are: The address Den Dolech 2 is linked to the Hoofdgebouw. As the Hoofdgebouw will as of 1-1-2015 be out of use for some 4 years, this address will also be non-existent for 4 years. The post room with its post and parcel service will move to the BBC building. The forwarding service is already located in this building. The new address will be: de Rondom 70.  Read more


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