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  • To all personnel: CANS instruction

    Published on: September 15 2014

    Nowadays, the use of computers is widespread and a lot of employees and students at the TU/e are working on their computers on a daily basis. This is precisely where the use of computers also involves a risk: you may develop CANS symptoms as a result of excessive or incorrect use.   Therefore, the Occupational Safety and Health Group of the TU/e (Arbo Milieu Veiligheid en Straling AMVS) and the local occupational safety and health advisors organize meetings for staff members and students...Read more

  • Clever kids bend their brains during Mathematics Olympiad

    Published on: September 15 2014

    Mathematics is difficult, mathematics is boring, is what a lot of people think. However, their are still fanatic mathematics fans to be found. Like last Friday during the Mathematics Olympiad at TU/e. Read more


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